Shadow Cheah is a pen name I have adapted over 5 years ago at the age of 19, when I started writing on Wattpad, an online community of 45 million writers and readers.
Since then, the first book in the Protector of Earth Chronicles: Evolution, has garnered over 1 million reads and I become part of the Wattpad Star, a program of the top Wattpad writers.
This has given me enough confidence to realise my dream: publishing my stories professionally.
I have always been writing stories since I was a child. As an avid reader as well, I love imagining my own spin of novels I read, especially those with unrealistic endings.
Post-apocalypse is a genre that has intrigued me from the start, with the Hunger Games and the 100 and being my favourite series. However, it frustrates me that there are no world-wide view stories of this genre, so I decided to write my own: the P.O.E. Chronicles.


I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but studied in boarding school in England since I was eleven. I have a master of science in Geology from Imperial College London. I have moved back to Hong Kong after graduation and live with my parents and my twin sister.
My hobbies outside of writing are traveling, eating my way around the best restaurant in Hong Kong and sleeping.

Evolution (Book 1 of the Protectors of Earth Chronicles)

A post-apocalyptic novel spanning across the globe in a future that’s less advanced than you would imagine.
I wrote this book because I want to explore more than just the immediate post apocalyptic world, but rather, what could come after. Memories of how the globe can be connected as one won’t be easily forgotten, and I am sure that however drastic the situation would be, it will one day be reconnected.
Garnering over 1 million reads on Wattpad – Evolution is the first book of the P.O.E. chronicles that have have readers on the edge of their seat the entire way. You will never guess what’s coming next.

Evolution Protectors of Earth Chronicles Book 1
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