"You're a Monster"

A Protectors of Earth Chronicles Novella


The short story follows the point of view of Tom Triole before and during the events of Evolution (Book 1 of the P.O.E. Chronicles).

I am a monster.
My father used to call me that when I was young, and I used to doubt that statement.
But now, I am not sure I should anymore. Not with what I can do.

This is an exclusive peek into part one of the entire story, available nowhere else.

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The Secret Origin of Tom Triole

Isn't that a novella?

Yes - the Secret Origin of Tom Triole is a novella that happens before and at the same time as Evolution - The Protectors of Chronicles Book 1.
If you haven't read Evolution already, below is its blurb and it's on sale at 99c!

Evolution Protectors of Earth Chronicles Book 1

Garnaring over 1 million reads on an online writing community.

The Protectors of Earth Chronicles is a triology that spans across a post-apocalyptic world in the 25th century. 16 years old Abigail Beckett thought she was the only one who was different, until she found out that she won’t. Leaving the safety and confine of the Citybase where she thought she’d live and die, she began to discover that the world isn’t what she was taught to believe.Born in Hong Kong but studied in the UK,

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