I never wanted a war. All I wanted to do was get things back to the way they were, and to keep those I love safe. But it turns out that everything was just an illusion, that the reality I lived in was all a lie. The world is no place to live, and in order to make a better future, a future that so many had sacrificed so much to try and archive before me, I have to fight.
And to do that I need to find out the truth, no matter what horrors lie beneath it. The web of lies, of secrecy, of betrayal is spun so far and so wide that I have been seeing only a fraction of it. I don’t know if I have the strength to go on, but I do know that if I don’t step up, the world as we known it will end.

If you asked her two years ago what she imagined herself doing in the future, Abigail Beckett could answer you confidently that it didn’t involve political meetings, living in an ancient castle, and seeking advice from a three-hundred-year-old Original.


Having discovered her roots, she inherited the responsibility to make sure that the world didn’t end by the terrorist group Apocalypse, and make peace among man and Legres. With the fate of many of her friends still uncertain, she must race against time to uncover the Apocalypse’s plan, pacify the government, and try not to get killed by her grandmother.
The final book in the Protectors of Earth Trilogy, Revelation will answer some of your questions and raise even more in the complicated world of P.O.E.